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Current or checking accounts
LSB Checking Account for individuals can be opened by sole or joint account holders, these accounts give you immediate access to your funds and may be held in any currency, offers checkbook facilities and is available to all… These accounts can be held in any currencies and can be opened by a resident and non-resident Lebanese and non- Lebanese individuals. Opening a current account in Lebanese Swiss Bank helps you build a credit record, which will support you later when applying for loans or facilities.
  Free quarterly statement of account . 
  Inter-branch transactions . 
  Domiciliation of bills*.  
  Check-books . 
  E-banking services including SMS alert service and internet banking . 
  Free Visa Bankernet card and renewable also for free .  
  No Fees on cash withdrawals on LSB’s ATMs.
  18 years of age (legal guardians may sign for minors) . 
  Copy of ID or passport - first 3 pages only in case of passport . 
  Full address.  
  Specimen of signature . 
* Package domiciliation: Mobile, Electricity and others at USD 2 or LBP 3,000 per month are offered on a group offers or  wedding accounts.
For more information and to apply, please visit one of our branches .