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Visa Internet Card
LSB Bank offers you VISA INTERNET CARD to protect you against internet fraud and piracy, starting with a monthly limit as low as USD 50 and can reach USD750. An ideal solution to accomplish all your electronic and mail purchases, an opening of a Current Account is only needed to receive your CARD.
For more information and to apply, please visit one of our branches .
Card Security
  Never write down your Personal Identification Number (PIN) - Memorize it. 
  Never disclose PIN number to anyone. 
  Always verify the transaction amount before signing the sales receipt. 
  Report lost or stolen cards to us immediately.
ATM Security
  Make sure that no one nearby can view your PIN or transaction amount. 
  Do not count cash while standing at an ATM, put your cash, card, and receipt away immediately. 
  After completing an ATM transaction, remember to take your card and transaction record, do not leave your receipt behind. Check it against your monthly statements.
Travel Security
  Before the trip:
     1. Check the expiry date on your cards to make sure they are not due to expire during your trip.
     2. Check the amount of credit available to you during the trip as well as your account balance if you plan on using your debit card. 

  During your trip:
      Never leave cards unattended at work, in the hotel room, at the pool, or in a vehicle locked or unlocked.

  After the trip:
       Keep your receipts and read your monthly statements carefully. If you see a charge you don’t recognize or if you notice any inconsistencies, contact your branch right away.