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Bank Committees
Board Committees
Management Committees
Board Risk Management Committee
The Board Risk management Committee at the Lebanese Swiss Bank is a standing committee of the Board of Directors. The purpose of the committee is to assist the Board in fulfilling its responsibility with respect to (1) oversight of bank’s risk management framework, including the significant policies, procedures and practices used in managing credit, market, operational and certain other risks and (2) oversight of Bank’s policies and practices relating to treasuries matters, including capital, liquidity and financing, as well as to merger, acquisition. The Committee reports to the Board of Directors regarding bank’s risk profile, as well as its enterprise risk management framework, including the significant policies, procedures, and practices employed to manage risks in bank’s businesses, as well as the overall adequacy of the Risk management function.
Board Audit Management Committee
The Board Audit Committee is an advisory committee established at Lebanese Swiss Bank by decision of the Board of Directors dated July 20th, 2010 to assist the Board of Directors in its overweight responsibilities with respect to audit, compliance and adequacy of the financial reporting. The committee’s main tasks are to review (1) the independent audit process including recommending the appointment and assessing the performance of the external auditors as well as the Internal Audit, (2) the implementation and adequacy of the financial reporting and disclosure as applied within the bank, (3) monitor the effectiveness of the Bank’s Internal Control Systems, (4) follow up on the implementation of the corrective measures and recommendations as highlighted by the internal audit and the various external audit reports, (6) the Bank’s process for monitoring compliances with relevant laws and regulations as well as the BCC various reports.
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ALCO Committee Charter
One of the key elements of the Asset and Liability Management process is the Asset & Liability Management Committee - ALCO which aims to improve the ALM process across the Bank. The ALCO charter provides a clear definition of the roles and responsibilities of ALCO as an integral part of the ALM process and defines the ALCO process, providing clear guidelines for its functioning.

The Bank’s Assets and Liabilities Management Committee ALCO manages the various financial risks of the bank such as market, interest rate, liquidity and exchange. The ALCO reviews market and credit portfolio risks, as well as interest rate risk inherent in the Bank’s balance sheet and trading book. It meets regularly to ensure that the level of interest rate and foreign exchange exposures are within regulatory and internal limits, to maximize the Bank’s net interest income, to ensure adequate liquidity and to maximize the return on the Bank’s capital, net of fixed assets.
Treasury Committee Charter
The Bank’s Treasury Committee will be responsible to take decisions on urgent matters relating to placements or other portfolio investments as need be from time to time and that within the overall strategy of the ALM and investment policies.

More specifically the Treasury Committee will meet to review the liquidity position of the bank and take needed decisions for investments to ensure a better allocation of the bank’s resources with the purpose of maximizing the bank’s returns and ensuring adequate needed liquidity management at all times.
Doubtful & Recovery Committee Charter
The Doubtful and Recovery Committee is formed at Lebanese Swiss Bank with the main objective of deciding on downgrading non performing loans to Doubtful or Bad, and to ensure a work out plan is put in place, resolve overdue and problematic accounts to reduce risk exposure, enhance overall Bank Position and reduce / eliminate provisions.
AML & CFT Committee Charter
The AML & CFT (Anti Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism) Committee is formed at Lebanese Swiss Bank to ensure that Lebanese Swiss Bank is complying with relevant laws and regulations relating to anti-money laundering & CFT policies and procedures and their implementation specifically relating to Law No. 318 relating to Fighting Money Laundering & CFT and BDL Circular 83 regarding Regulations on the Control of Financial and Banking Operations for Fighting Money Laundering & CFT. Its role extends also to ensure the compliance of Lebanese Swiss Bank with various AML laws and regulatory requirements.
Operational Risk Management Committee Charter
The Operational Risk Management Committee is created within Lebanese Swiss Bank in order to review, discuss, and coordinate the various issues relating to Operational Risk Management process for the purpose of ensuring better management and measurement of the various related operational risks.
IT Committee Charter
The IT Committee is formed at Lebanese Swiss Bank in order to follow-up on the adequate implementation of the Bank’s Information Technology strategic plan and ensures that all technology related initiatives are in support of the business strategy. In addition this committee will ensure that all related policies and procedures are well implemented.
Information Security Risk Management Committee Charter
The Information Security Risk Management Committee is created within Lebanese Swiss Bank in order to review, discuss, and coordinate the various issues and initiatives relating to Information Security that need to be taken by the bank. It will also ensure that Information Security strategy is continuously aligned with the overall Bank’s Business Strategy.
Executive Credit Committee Charter
The Executive Credit Committee at Lebanese Swiss Bank is formed for the purpose of managing the Credit Approval Process through approving new facilities, review and renews existing facilities, review and take actions on Non Performing Loans and deal with excess approvals ensuring adequate function of the whole credit process.
Investment & Participation Committee Charter
In order to comply with International Banking Standards and in compliance with BDL Circular 81 dated 21/2/2001 and its amendments Lebanese Swiss Bank established the “Investment and Participation Committee” with the main responsibility to take decisions on all equity participations in other Local Banks in lines with existing laws and regulations, to take decisions on any real estate investment for the bank’s account whether for a new branch, new Head Office or other bank’s needs and to assess the suitability, price estimation, location in relation to future needs.
Marketing Committee Charter
In line with the vision to improve the bank’s positioning and with respect to high management standards, decisions are best made through debate during committees. The Marketing Committee will be considered as a space for “Brain Storming” where projects and topics are discussed before their execution. The main responsibilities of the Marketing Committee will be to discuss Market Segmentation and Targeting, define the Marketing Strategy, setting the Marketing Budget, monitoring the competitors, spotting opportunities and overcoming threat, preparing advertising campaigns / plans, evaluating the Products and Services performance, planning and launching new Products and Services, forecasting sales and following up on achievements, assessing market expansion opportunities / possibilities…
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